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Charlene Project- The school

Sunday 17 October 2010

Long overdue post

I'm sorry I am getting so bad at this blogging business :( but things have been kind of busy around here as I have been in hospital for the last two and a half weeks. Thankfully I am getting home tomorrow. Things have been kind of tough this time as I have been struggling with a stupid cough and my oxygen sats are being pretty stubborn and refuse to go past 85 which isn't great but I'm managing and cannot wait to get home and say hello to the world again. I already have loads planned for when I get out so it's going to be hard to remind myself to take it easy lol.
Things are starting to get VERY exciting with Hidden Treasure school. All the land has pretty much been handed over and purchased and this week Basil and Wenford are heading out to Uganda to meet Eugene and hopefully get the school building started. I'm actually so excited if a little jealous cause I really want to go out there so bad but both men have told me there is no room in any of the suitcases so think I'll just have to stay put.
Please pray for the guys as they head out this Thursday that they will have a safe and successful trip and that the ball will start rolling to get the building started.
Also if any of you are on facebook there is now a group called "Charlenes Project" which the men will be keeping up to date while they are in Uganda. If anyone is interested in joining.
Thanks again for all your love and prayers

Friday 27 August 2010

BIG BIG News!!!!!!

Ok I defintley without a shawdow of a doubt think this is up there with possibly one of the best posts I have written. The land has been purchased and all the legal things have been handed over to Hidden Treasure so they will be able to start building really soon. I am actually so excited
I'm back in hospital and at half one last night (yes I'm quite the night owl,pity the same cant be said for during the day though lol) I got a text through from Dad to say he had just received news from Uganda to say everything had been signed over and they are now ready to plan the actual building of the school. Needless to say I was on top of the world.
Now that we are at the next step folk please just pray that things with the building and all of the school go smoothly and the children of Hidden Treasure will get their new school soon. Thanks again everyone for your love,support and prayers for this project. I could never have believed that when we had the dream in the pipeline of embracing all of this that things would actually take off. How AMAZING is God <3

Monday 16 August 2010

Back to Blogging!!!

Well it has been a while since I updated this thing so I apologise to anyone who has been logging on to read any updates and there hasn't been any.

Things are going really well for me healthwise and I have been able to enjoy the summer holidays. Once again the Barr clan packed up and headed to Center Parcs for ten days and a good time was had by all, with lots of fun competitive game playing and coffee drinking. I went into hospital prior to our holiday so that I would be well enough to travel etc etc and thankfully I managed the whole trip and felt as good as I had in a long long time. Even when I came home I was still really well so God really does answer prayer cause I was worried that I would come back sick and having lost alot of weight like I normally do but this time it was quite the opposite.
So as of now I am still on the transplant list and am still on IV antibiotics but to be honest they are keeping me well so I'm happy enough to stay on them. Also my weight is up to nearly 46kg (I have never been anywhere near this before lol) and my infection markers in my blood are really low as well so everything is going fantastic we just need that phone call to come.

Unfortunatley things haven't really moved forward on Hidden Treasure. There have been lots of phone calls and e-mails back and forward between Uganda and Ireland and right now we are just waiting on them purchasing the rest of the land that is required to build the school. However once this has been purchased the school will be built in no time so we just need to overcome this slight problem and then we can get the ball rolling again. I cannot wait to see Hidden Treasure built and all the children going into their brand new school. I also pray that I will be able to make it out there to see the school in person.

Right now we are just enjoying the last few weeks of "summer" it is so nice just having everyone around home and I'm going to miss that when everyone starts back to uni/school. Becks is in Swaziland at the minute and its hard getting all the texts back from her cause it's bringing back all the memories of Uganda :) but she is in her element out there and is having a fantastic time but please keep her and the whole Elim team in your prayers as they reach out to the people of Swaziliand. Thanks again everyone for your continued prayers and support.

Monday 7 June 2010

Long Overdue Post

Sorry I am only updating this blog now but I have been quite busy lol. I got home from hospital on Wednesday and seriously with the amount of stuff I gathered after a long 14 weeks I nearly needed a removal van. Things have been going really well since I got home and I have just enjoyed sitting out in the back garden sunning myself :) (long may it continue). I was kind of worried coming home becasue before I would only last a couple of days and I would be back in hospital again but this time I have been out nearly a week and am still feeling great and even have the energy to go out for wee cups of coffee and even a driving lesson. Yeah I know they told me to take it easy when I got home but when did I ever listen to sensible advcie :) )
The cyclists are due to finish sometime today and what a scorchr of a weekend they got. From updates and photographs on facebook they seem to have gotten on well but we will hear the full story soon I'm sure. Please if you would like to support them in their efforts please visit Thanks
We are still waiting for the beginning of the school build but hopefully this will happen soon. This week we had Barbara over from Uganda and it was lovely to have her over as I haven't seen her in 2 years and it was nice just to experience a wee bit of Uganda again.
The Barr house is now getting into full competiton mode with the World Cup only days away. We have all picked teams to support out of a hat (yes we are very competitive) so strangely enough I am really looking forward to the World Cup starting. Just as long as England go out in the early stages :)

Friday 28 May 2010

Yet Another Update

Thought it was time I updated this thing. Finally I have the news that I am getting home from hospital (after 13 VERY long weeks)it was getting to the point where I really was as well as I am going to be and therefore I was feeling frustrated because I really wanted to be home.I have coped ok being stuck in there the last 13 weeks but to be honest I think last weekend was really the straw that broke the camel's back I had been out home on the Friday night and after waking up to such a warm Saturday I really was aware that I was going to be stuck inside while everyone else basked in like 23 degress of pure sunshine. To say I wasn't happy on Saturday driving down the motorway is the understatement of the century.

Things are stable I am going home on IVS and have to go into hospital for 3 days every two weeks just for a change in antibiotics and some physio, but I can live with that. With my bloods being at 29 (the lowest they have being in like FOREVER) I am feeling great and cannot wait to be released properly.
This weekend they are letting me stay home both Friday and Sunday night so I can't really complain. So tonight I just enjoyed a chinese with Bethany and Serena and it really is lovely just to be at home doing normal things with my wee sisters (well sitting on the sofa)
Things have been held up with the building of Hidden Treasure but we are hoping to start building soon. Fundraising is continuing to go well and I think we have hit in and around the £90,000 mark which is just fantastic. Also a big Thank you to the three boys who are in their final stages of training for their end to end cycle next weekend. Please encourage them by visiting their website
Thanks folks

Monday 24 May 2010

Please have a look

I will update the blog more indepth later but just wanted to ask you guys to have a look at this link and to please give what you can.
These three men are going to cycle a total of 387 miles from one end of Ireland to the other in 4 days for Charlenes Project. Please show your support for these guys. Thank You

Tuesday 18 May 2010

A Wee Update

Just a quick update to say that finally starting to feel better. The last two weeks I haven't been feeling great and my bloods shot up to over 100 but now my new IV antibiotics have kicked in and my bloods are down to 50 (still high for a normal person but as we all know by now I am far from normal and so they are good for me :)) Last weekend was my best in ages with me managing a trip to Nandos(i'm beginning to see a trend throughout this blog!!!) and then home for my first BBQ of the year on Sunday. It was MUNCH. So they are now happy to let me home for a few nights a week. SO excited!!! I am getting home tomorrow night until Thurs and so get to sleep in my own wee bed again. :) The only thing I have to be careful with is that I don't make myself sick again because when I am at home I find it SO difficult to sit there and do nothing and then I get tired and as a result make myself sick so I am just going to have to take it easy, something which I find very frustrating.
Also for all you facebook addicts out there, Charlenes Project has now got its own cause page so please search for it and join and get it around as many people as you can. . Anyway that is all I have to update you all on now
God Bless